Gergé timepieces feature a clean, strong design that is at once classic and timeless. Inspired by the bold lines and provocative shapes inherent in contemporary architecture, they are also energized by the power and intensity of a high-performance automobile and capture the drive and spirit of Southern California. They capture the enthusiasm, vitality and passion of the urban environment—the soul of the modern metropolis.


Every Gergé watch is built to exacting Swiss standards of quality by skilled craftsmen in Neuchatel, Switzerland—the famed center of watchmaking for hundreds of years. Here Gergé’s design team partners with its master watchmakers to conceive and craft expertly tuned machines, geared for precision and reliability.


Inside each Gergé timepiece is a handcrafted mechanical
movement. Comprised of hundreds of tiny individual
parts, each movement is in fact, a
high-performance engine, designed to deliver
consistent and accurate time measurement.
Once assembled, they are subjected to a
barrage of tests to ensure their reliability and
perfection. Options include a standard
automatic with date, an automatic
chronograph and a unique automatic
mono-pusher chronograph.

Visible beneath sapphire crystal treated with
an anti-reflective coating, the dial of each Gergé
timepiece is an exercise in order and simplicity.
Timing indicators are clearly identified and design
accents are applied with sophistication and restraint.
Encased in the finest materials available—Grade V titanium,
high-performance stainless steel and 18k rose gold—Gergé
timepieces exude strength and purity. Straps made from alligator,
skate and kid leather are sewn by hand and paired with corresponding buckles.

Throughout, lines are clean and surfaces are sculpted and finished to perfection.